Things Are Not Always As They Appear.

Things are not always what they seem. It looks like Brett is falling off the back of the boat. The picture is deceiving, Brett is really just getting in the boat. ( thank goodness because no one is paying attention to Brett, all eyes are on Bella’s first boat ride). When we only see one frame of a picture, or only hear part of a story we can be deceived.

Our lives can be that way also. We can deceive people into thinking we have it all together, when we are really falling apart. We can deceive people into thinking our lives are perfect, when in reality they are in shambles. We can deceive people into thinking our finances are in order, when we are really drowning in debt. We can deceive people into thinking we are sober, when we have relapsed. We can deceive people into thinking we are fine, when we are not.

Sometimes we deceive thinking we are protecting others. Sometimes we deceive to protect our pride. Sometimes we deceive because deceiving is easier than opening up. Sometimes we deceive because we just don’t want to bother someone else with our problems, or we feel no one really wants to be bothered. Sometimes we deceive because being honest takes too much. Sometimes we deceive because we have been deceiving so long we don’t know any other way.

Colossians 3:9 ” Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices”

This verse is very clear, that as believers, we are not to lie to each other, we are not to deceive each other. We need to be careful about deceiving each other, even if we feel we are doing the right thing. Who knows what you being honest about a situation, might do in encouraging someone else. You never know who might encourage you in a situation, if they knew what was truly going on in your life.

Just like the picture, things are not always the way they appear. We need to be careful about the life we present, so we don’t fall off the back of the boat while no one is looking.

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you to those who are serving and have served in the past. Thank you to you and your families for your sacrifice. Because of your service this sweet girl is free to stand and watch a parade go by, free to fly a flag, and free to dance to the beat of a marching band. THANK YOU!


When my kids were growing up we lived in St Louis about two hours from where we live now. We spent Memorial Day weekends here in Herrin with my family.

We would spend the days out on the lake. My parents didn’t have a house on the lake at that time, there were fewer of us, and we spent the whole day out in the boat. When I think about it now probably not the best parenting lol, but I think my kids loved it.

They rode around in the boat all day, they wore their life jackets all day, they ate lunch in the boat. When we stopped we would let them out to play in the water to cool off. When they feel asleep we would lay them under the dash in the only shade there was. It was the summer life they grew up with. Not a bad childhood.

We would start each Memorial Day weekend on Saturday morning at the Herrin Fest Parade.  Covering our ears from the fire trucks, watching the floats and bands, and getting the biggest bag of candy I have ever seen at any parade.

When my nieces and nephews came along we continued the tradition, but everyone grew up and we have not done the parade in years. This year we revised the tradition.

We took our grandkids Bella and Milo to the parade. Milo wasn’t too impressed he slept, ate a bottle and was a trooper in the heat. However, I am pretty sure he holds the record for the youngest family member to attend.milo parade

Bella loved it, she got into collecting the candy, she loved waving at everyone, and loved the band. She was getting her grove on, and I think would have marched away with them if she could have.parade 2

Who knew how things would change over the years. That we would all be living here in Herrin now, doing life together. That Brittany would be riding in the parade as Herrin Chamber President.Brittany parade

Four or five years ago I was wondering if God would ever bless our family with babies. It was a struggle I was having with Him. A struggle of doubt, bitterness, jealousy, anger and lack of faith.

I couldn’t see what God had in store back in those days when we were taking Brittany and Chris to the parade, but God did. In fact, even back then, God was already there in yesterdays future as we enjoyed that parade with Bella and Milo.

I avoid using the verse in Jeremiah because I feel it’s over used but it fits today’s post.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Thank you God that yesterday Bella and Milo attended their first, of what I hope is many Herrin Fest parades, with four generations of family, with parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and aunts and uncles.parade

Thank you that when we can’t see the future you are already there.

This picture is not at Herrin Fest but it is about the age my kids started attending. Poppy start saving your money because it won’t be long before the parade won’t be enough for Bella and Milo.

The Tongue

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Controlling your tongue, is it possible?

The person who can learn to control their tongue, can rule any situation. Never has my loose tongue gotten me anywhere, whether in gossip, in anger, in arguing, or in ugly speech. Never when my tongue has been out of control have I won. There are times that my tongue seems to have a mind of its own. Disconnected from my brain.

There are times when I know I shouldn’t say something, but I open my mouth and say it anyway. Times when I have known in my head not to open my mouth, but I do anyway.

James 3:2 says, “if we could control our tongues we would be perfect, and could also control ourselves in every other way.” On those occasions when I have been able to control my tongue I am in control, control of myself and the situation around me.

James also says in verse 6, “the tongue is a flame of fire. It is a whole world of wickedness, corrupting your entire body.” Such a great descriptive phrase, a flame of fire. Uncontrolled a fire doesn’t stay small, it spreads. The tongue is the same way. I might set out to only share a little piece of information, just this one little thing, but once I open my mouth I have gossiped about everything I know, and probably added my own opinions to the situation.

If I am angry, once I say that first sentence then I spew out everything inside. It is like my mouth can’t stop and I have to vomit all the anger out.

James also says, the tongue is restless and evil, full of deadly poison. I hate to even think about how true that statement is. When we open our mouths and speak, our tongues can kill dreams, motivation, hopes, desires, and relationships. The tongue has the power to destroy so much, in a matter of seconds.

Lastly, James says, blessings and cursing come pouring out of the same mouth. The words spoken by my tongue can do so much. Rarely have I been mad or sorry for words I put on paper, because I think through, and I control what I write down. I can cross them out, delete, them, or rip them up, but the words that come out of my mouth I can’t take back. So often I have regretted them, especially with the person I love the most. Brett has too often been the target of that deadly poison.

When I learn to control the words that come from my mouth, like I do the words on paper, my life and the lives of those around me are so much better.

God, today let the words from my mouth be blessings and not curses. Let my words be uplifting, not tear down. Let my words be encouraging, not discouraging. Let my words be full of love, not hate. Let my words today be yours not mine

Plant Your Garden Carefully

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I have never planted a full garden before. Just a few tomato, and pepper plants, and some herbs. Growing up I spent time in gardens planted by my Grandma’s. The thing I remember most about their gardens was what came out of them.

My Grandma Hanks always planted peas for me. I loved raw peas straight from the garden. I don’t like them cooked, but I could eat them by the pound, just out of the shell. My Grandma Scarbrough always planted cherry tomatoes for us. When I went to their house they would send me home with a bread sack full of cherry tomatoes. I would eat them til I had sores in my mouth. My Great Grandparents had a big strawberry patch, while everyone else picked berries by Great Grandma would sit me down at the corner of the patch and feed me fresh picked strawberries, still warm from the sun. To this day I don’t like strawberries cold from the refrigerator. They have to be room temperature.

As a little girl I just knew those great treats came from the garden. I didn’t think about what my grand parents had to do to make them possible. That they tilled the ground in the spring, they planted, they watered, they pulled weeds, they feed the soil all winter long with coffee grounds and scraps, all before picking the vegetables. There was hard work involved, those plants didn’t just pop up in nice little rows all on their own.

In our lives we have the option to rep what we sow. Reaping good things in our lives also requires hard work and time.

One of the drivers at work gave me this little poem below. The author is unknown, but the message is good for springtime planting.

Plant 3 rows of peas: peas of mind, peas of heart, and peas of soul. Plant 4 rows of squash: squash gossip, squash indifference, squash grumbling, and squash selfishness. Plant 4 rows of lettuce: lettuce be faithful, lettuce be kind, lettuce be patient, lettuce love one another. Plant 3 rows of turnips: turnip for meetings, turnip for service, turnip to help one another. Finish your garden with thyme: thyme for each other, thyme for family, and thyme for friends. Author unknown

God help me this Spring to plant good things in my life. Happy Planting!!!

Milo Arrives!!!!

I am way behind on blogging. Mainly because it has been a big week for our family. This little guy, Milo Jack, arrived at 11:55 PM, Tuesday, May 14th. He weighed in at 6 lbs 9 ozs. and is 20 1/2 inches long. He, Mommy, and Daddy are all doing great, and adjusting to life at home as a family of three.

We love him to pieces already and are so blessed to have him as a part of our family. Just like Bella he has an amazing story, and I can’t wait to share more about both of these precious babies in the future.

Bella has not had a chance to meet him yet, but I am hoping this face isn’t her reaction to him. This was her reaction to waiting all night for him to arrive, and Grammy wanting to get a picture of the cute shirt her Mommy had made. It says only grandchild, crossed out, then big cousin.

I just can’t imagine what the future holds, but I know who holds the future, and I know it will way surpass anything I can imagine.

Welcome to our crazy family Milo, we are so blessed to have you!!!!!!

Good Deeds

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Hebrews 10:1-4 “The old system under the law of Moses was only a shadow, a dim preview of the good things to come, not the good things themselves. The sacrifices under that system were repeated again and again, year after year, but they never provided perfect cleansing for those who came to worship. If they could have provided perfect cleansing, the sacrifices would have stopped, for the worshipers would have been purified once for all time and their feelings of guilt would have disappeared.”

If my “good” deeds could earn my way to heaven then there would be no need for Jesus’ sacrifice. If I could do enough again and again, year after year, there would be no need for the new covenant – BUT I CAN’T. If that’s what I am depending on then the good works can never stop, and the guilt will never go away.

Thankfully God created a new covenant and the blood of Jesus cleans and purifies me forever. I don’t have to keep earning, and striving, and working, and feeling guilty. I can rest and live freely in the grace of God’s perfect one time sacrifice, Jesus.

Does my life and actions reflect that? Some days, but some days I fall back into old habits. God, today help me to live by the new covenant, Jesus, not the old covenant, the law.