FaceTiming God?

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Sometimes in the mornings, before I get to work, I get calls from drivers or some of our customers, while I am still at home. There are times when I get those calls and I am just getting out of the shower. One morning this week when I took a call, I had this fear, what would happen if I accidentally answered one of those calls as a FaceTime. How embarassing could that be?

When we FaceTime, we become aware of things that are in the background of our screen, of our lives. We become aware of how messy our house is. We are more aware of what we are wearing when we answer the phone, what we look like, maybe what we are watching on the TV behind us.

It gives the person on the other end of the call a glance into our private life.

So, I thought, what if God were to FaceTime me? Would there be anything behind me I need to shield from his vision? Would I be moving the phone to conceal anything? Would I need to clean up anything before I answered? Would there be anything embarassing in the background? Would I be rushing around to “hide” anything?

As I thought about that, it hit me, God FaceTime’s us constantly all the time. He is after all, omnipresent. He sees everything, that we might try to hide from the screen. I wasn’t feeling too bad about myself when I thought about that, because there wasn’t anything that I thought I would need to hide, or put away, or conceal in my house. (As if I could).

But then I thought about the other ommi word, omniscient. Then I began to be convicted. The fact that God knows everything. God also FaceTimes our thoughts, and heart everyday. I became less confident about that.

When someone cuts me off in traffic, God hears that name that I call them even though I don’t say it outloud. When someone doesn’t live up to my expectation, God knows I judge them, or write them off. I cancel out giving them a second chance, when on the outside I smile and say, it’s OK, God knows. When I am angry with someone and smile that fake smile, but on the inside I am thinking bad thoughts about them, God knows. When someone gets something I wish I had, and I smile and say congratulations but on the inside my jelousy runs green, God knows? When Brett does something that annoys me, and I lie and say, no I am not upset, Brett and God both know.

God FaceTimes my life, my thoughts, and my heart all day long. How do I measure up? Somedays OK, somedays not so well. Lucky for me there is a third omni word, omnipotent. Omnipotent means, unlimited power, able to do anything.

God is able to do anything. He is able to forgive those days I don’t do so well. He has the power to help me improve in those areas, that I constantly fail in. He is able to love me when I think I have messed it up to bad to be loveable. I am thankful I serve a God who is omnipotent, who has the power to overcome, fix, and heal anything.

Luke 1:37 “For Nothing will be impossible with God.””

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