Hawaii Daily Trip Posts 2019

These are daily post I did on facebook while we were on a trip to Hawaii. Wanted to be able to keep them so I created this page to be able to pull them up and be reminded of an amazing trip with my husband, and brother and sister-in-law.

Day 1 / Palm Trees

I think Palm trees are my favorite tree God created. I think because they are simple and neat, and tidy. But there is another tree on the Islands where the branches are all tangled and knotted, and quite frankly a mess. Sometimes I still try and make my life appear like the palm tree, all neat and tidy, and there are days that it might be. But in reality our lives are all more like the other one, tangled and knotted, and sometimes a mess. But when I look at these two pictures I see God’s beauty in both of them.

Pearl Harbor

Day 2 / Pearl Harbor

So, while at Pearl Harbor yesterday, I learned that our service men picked up the incoming enemy planes on radar. With radar being a fairly new thing they were told to ignore it. That it was probably some of the US planes coming back in. I thought about what a difference that advance warning could have made, and it made me kind of angry. Then I thought about all the signs God sends up on my radar, don’t follow that thought process, don’t say it, etc. Does God get angry when I ignore the warnings? What a difference the warning could make if I listened more closely.

Day 3 / Rainbow

Yesterday while in the shuttle we saw this rainbow. Rainbows are very common in Hawaii. We were all trying to get a good picture. I was either too impatient to wait, or on the wrong side of the van, or the persons head in front of me was in the way. It is the same way with receiving God’s grace in my life. I am either too impatient, on the wrong side of sin, or distracted. When I wait on God, remove sin from my life, and avoid distractions I see God’s grace in it’s full and perfect way. Picture courtesy of Kelly.

Day 4 / Big Tree

On Day 4 it was rainy, so we spent the day walking around Lahaina. This looks like a park full of trees, it is actually just one tree. As the branches grow out, they grow back into the ground. This tree takes up a whole block and it is very well anchored. It would take a strong storm to take it totally down. My faith should be the same way. I should have one main root system Jesus Christ, and as my faith grows I should have more roots to anchor me, prayer, my bible, accountability with other believers, trust hearing his voice. and obedience. As these roots grow I should be soundly rooted like this tree. Storms will come, will my roots be anchored?

Day 5/ Road to Hana

Yesterday was the road to Hana. It is a 30 mile road up into the rain forest. There are a ton of s-curves, one way bridges, narrow spots, and it winds around and around. You really need to trust your driver if you are in the back seat. But if you are not driving and could look out the window, the scenery is beautiful. There are flowers, and high ocean views, water falls, bamboo forest and more shades of green than I could imagine. When you reach the top there is a beautiful black sand beach. Life is kind of like that road. If I learn to trust Jesus to drive through the curves and bridges, I can enjoy the view along the way. And at the end there is heaven waiting.

Day 6/ Beach Day

Today was beach day. Relaxing and chilling all day in the sun. Before spending the day lying on the beach Brett and I took a walk, and I spent some time on the balcony journaling. One thing I have noticed is the variety. Did you know there are 2,600 variations of palm trees? There are so many shades of greens and blues. Sometimes I want people, mainly Brett (lol) to be more like me. I think we would get along easier. But look at the variety God created in people, different colors, races, sizes, shapes, attitudes, thoughts, likes, and dislikes. If we were all alike how boring would that be? Thank you God for not only being creator but being creative.

Day 7 / Snorkeling

Yesterday was snorkeling day and I was stressed about it all morning. I have tried to snorkel twice before and failed. My stomach was in knots thinking about it on the way. I can not breath when I put my face in the water and I start to hyperventalate. So, on the way I began praying about it. I said God I have tried this on my own power before and failed. I give this up to you today. I want to enjoy all your creation on this trip even under the water. As they were passing out equipment in the boat I was starting to stress again. I didn’t realize Kelly took this picture but I was praying again while practicing in the boat. It took a couple of times, but I finally trusted enough to breathe and loved it. Sometimes I forget to ask God for help with the small things. I am pretty good about turning over the hard things, but He wants to help me with the little things each day too. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy your beauty under the water today.

Day 8 / Another Beach Day

Yesterday was beach day again. One thing good about the four of us all traveling together, we all enjoy the beach. We spent about two hours out on the beach in the heat of the day, and then went for a walk along the shore. When we got back everyone else was ready to go in and rest, and cool down for awhile. It is hard for me to pass up sun. My take away from today, when God puts wise people in your path listen to them. I was sunned out, any longer outside and I would have been hurting. Thanks for wise counsel Brett, Scott and Kelly.

Day 9/ ATV Ride

Yesterday was ATV excursion. We try and do ATV’s every time the four of us travel together. Normally what we ride on are two person vechicles, and Kelly and I get to just ride and enjoy the scenery. When we got to the farm yesterday I realized these were just one person and we were going to have to drive. They gave us the option to either drive our own or we could ride in a buggy with one of the guides. This vacation is about trying new things, so we chose to drive. Driving required trust, something I confess to struggling with almost every week in CR. It required trusting the guide was telling me the truth about how easy the ATV’s were to operate, and how safe the trails were. It required trusting that if I stayed on the trail and followed the instructions God would protect me. It also required trusting my ability to operate the ATV. I had a blast and saw gorgeous scenery. In life everyday we have to make choices to trust, to trust God, to trust others, and to trust in ourselves. What a beautiful day.

Day 10/ Last Day Beach Day

This was the last full day in Hawaii. It was a perfect day, we relaxed in the sun, got knocked down by the waves over and over. My focus for the day was be grateful for this trip, not regret it is ending. Be thankful for the blessings I get to go home to, not sad by what I leave behind here. Build memories of being in the moment to take back home. I need to carry that with me, thankfulness and graditude not regret. Thankful for the wonderful memories, shared with people I love that will last a lifetime.

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