I have been very fortunate during this “stay at home” time. My kids have still let me see my grandkids. I have had a couple of extra days off during the week, and have actually even gotten to spend some extra quality time with these munchkins. I am so thankful for that, because they both are growing so fast and are at milestone places in their childhood. Milo is learning to walk, he is just about there. Bella is potty training, go Bella, go Bella (literally).

There is one thing I have noticed as I watch them. Even as young people, toddlers, they know when they have done something to please you. They know when they get it right. When Milo takes those few steps into your arms he is smiling from ear to ear. He knows he accomplished something, and knows you are excited and pleased. When Bella goes on the potty chair, she can’t wait to announce it to everyone around. She runs out with a big smile on her face, I went potty.

As I thought about that this week I thought about my relationship with God. I know when I get my walk right. I know what pleases Him. I get that smile on my face, that satisfaction that I pleased my Father. I want to run into the room and announce I read my Bible this morning, I prayed, I listened, I was kind to my husband, I was a cheerful giver, I put others first. I know the things I am suppose to do.

As I was thinking about that God said look at Milo and Bella’s parents. Those times that Milo doesn’t get it right and falls, do Chris and KC yell? Do they call him names, do they condemn him? No they lovingly pick him up, set him on his feet, and encourage him to try again. When Bells has an accident do Brittany and Will yell? Do they say you are never going to get this, why can’t you do better? No, they lovingly say it was an accident, start all over, and try again.

My heavenly Father is the same way. When I fall, he lovingly picks me up, sets me on my feet and encourages me to try again. He doesn’t condemn, he never condemns, he convicts, but he doesn’t condemn. He says start over, try again. My kids are all good, loving parents, who love their kids and want to see them succeed. But as loving and as encouraging as they are God is even better.

Luke 11:13 “So, if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.” Let me remember today as I go through my day, that you are a good and loving Father, you want to see me succeed, you want to see that smile of success on my face. Thank you for being that Father.

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