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Church Corona style. As I tuned into my church’s early on line service this morning they were having technical difficulties. I am sure they were not the only ones. I am sure in most services this morning, there were issues, maybe ones not seen, but ones people were fighting behind the scenes. Hundreds of churches large and small are learning how to do church in a whole new different way. With new and different, come difficulties and set backs, and learning curves, especially when you are dealing with technical components.

At first I started praying that God would correct the problems, and get everything going on track like it should. As the service went on with a few issues I started praying a different prayer. I started praying that the people dealing with the issues would stay calm, that Satan wouldn’t get a foot hold that might bring anger or frustration for them. That they would realize they were not battling against technology, they were battling against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against a spiritual wickedness in high places. That in their temptation, God would get the glory.

I need to remember to pray for the right things. Not always pray that God would correct hard ships in my life or the lives of others, but that he would help me remember what I am fighting against. That I would remember there is a power greater that lives in me. Not always praying that something might just go away, but that I would conquer and give the glory to God. There is power and awe in God removing something, but there is a greater witness in someone who overcomes and conquers because of the power of God in their life.

I am sure Satan is not pleased that thousands of people are now watching church on line on Sunday mornings. What you meant for evil (closing church doors) God meant for good (on line church reaching thousands). People who have never set foot in church are now watching and hearing the word on line. What an opportunity for us as believers to share the word. It doesn’t get much easier than starting a watch party or sharing on our facebook page.

Let’s pray for each other, lets pray for safety and protection, but lets also pray for the power and confidence to believe in what God can do in peoples lives during this time. Let’s pray in the struggles, and fears, and unknowns, that we tap into the power to overcome, and in that overcoming we give the glory to the one who deserves it all. Satan doesn’t win.

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