Last week when I met with my group of girls, we came up with CYF. I have been working on a blog about it. It all started with a conversation about masking your face, not letting it show all your emotion. Bella seems to be in fast training in this picture. Her frustration with her Mom is all over her face. Years of stuffing allows me to be boiling mad at you on the inside and smile on the outside. Now according to Brett, eye rolling is apparently a different story for me.

For this particular group of friends though the face is a difficult thing. Lisa was telling about a time when she was upset with someone at an event. She said she was talking to the person and from across the room Kim sent her a text that said, “Cover your face.” Brittany said CYF, and it stuck. So we have been having fun with it this week. On a side note Kim adamantly does not remember sending the text, and doesn’t believe this sounds like anything she might say. But that is a completely different blog.

This week I have been thinking about that. Should we cover our face? Is masking wrong? Is it wrong to show our true expressions all the time? Honesty is always the best policy, but is that true with my face?

I think there has to be a middle ground there somewhere. Masking all the time is wrong. You can’t be genuine, and sincere, open and honest if you never show your emotions.

However, I think sometimes it is important not to let our expressions give away our feelings. If someone is sharing something very personal with you and your face shows disgust, shock, or judgment they may be afraid to share with anyone else. I struggle with this in CR. When people are telling horrible stories from their childhood, I know my face reacts. It isn’t reacting to them or judging them. It is reacting to how sorry I feel for what they went through, but my face doesn’t tell them that.

Sometimes we just don’t know what someone else is walking through. They may be dealing with sickness, grieve, waiting on test results, a spouse that walked out, a wayward child, loss of a job, depression. Showing anger or frustration with them may be more than they can take. Even though you may be angry or frustrated with them, a smile on your face could be the one thing that turns their day, or life around.

Galatians 5:22-23 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control” What if these were the things we covered our face with today? Could you make a difference?

I will be over here working on HYE – hold your eyes.

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