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This paragraph was in a devotion I read this week.

“Are you weary today? Spend a few quiet moments inviting God to refresh your soul. Ask him to strengthen you, to speak tenderly to your heart, and to show you which way to go. Sit worshiping at the well of your Father and drink deeply.”

I don’t know that I have ever asked God to refresh my soul, or to speak tenderly to my heart. I feel like I should be able to arouse refreshment on my own power. I know that God is a loving God, however, if I feel like I am not up to “my standard” or not where “I think” he expects me to be. Then I don’t expect him to speak tenderly to my heart. I expect reprimand or disappointment. Actions of my own struggles.

Sit, worship, and drink deeply. Even as I read that and want that. A part of me says, “that’s not the way it should be.” God doesn’t just want me to sit and ask and expect. He wants me to DO. (Old habits, and struggles die hard). But, maybe just maybe I am wrong. Maybe there are times when God says, you are tired, and worn out and its OK. Just sit for a bit and rejuvenate.

There is a part in the plant growth process where a seed sits in the dirt before it burst forth and grows. It is called germination?

Germination – 1) The development of a plant from a seed after a period of dormancy. 2) The process of something coming into existence and developing.

I looked and there are 5 steps in the germination process

  1. imbibition – water fills the seed.
  2. The water activates enzymes that begin the plants growth.
  3. The seed grows a root to access water underground.
  4. The seed grows shoots that grow towards the sun.
  5. The shoots grow leaves and begin photomorphogenesis.

Those are the same steps we take when we accept Christ. He fills us with the holy spirit, The holy spirit activates growth in us, we grow deep roots, we grow and are drawn toward the Son, and we develop disciples.

Maybe the germination process in our spiritual life isn’t a one time thing. Each time we start something new, or move to another level, or develop a deeper bond there is growth. There is germination. Maybe I am in a season of germination and that’s OK for a little while.

A plant that isn’t growing is dying. The same is true for us. Thank you God that you continue to grow us, no matter how old we are.

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