Sisters & Siblings

Last week Brett’s Aunt Betty Faye passed away. She was my mother-in-laws last remaining sibling. These two ladies were the perfect example of what sisterhood, and siblings should be like. Up until just a few years ago that continued to travel together. Into their late 70’s and 80’s they would take off on trips to Florida together. Jump in the car, just the two of them and head out.

They were very protective of each other. They might fuss at each other, once in a great while, but you better have been ready to take on both if you were going to take on one. There were six siblings in their family all together, three boys, and three girls. These two were the youngest, and I think maybe a little younger than the rest. That maybe why they were so close. They lost their mother in their teens, or early 20’s which may have been another reason they were close, they were use to watching out for each other.

I know they were there for each other at different trying times in their lives. During the loss of loved ones, during heart ache, and struggles. They supported each other and counted on each other just like siblings should.

Both of these ladies have a deep love for God, and a gentle spirit about them. They both possesed the ability to make you feel comfortable and part of the family. Life and wisdom taught them not to worry about the things you can’t control, the little things that don’t matter.

One of my best memories of the two of them together, was a few years ago during one of the cousins converging trips. They spend an evening sharing stories of growing up, of what life was like when they were young, of hard family times, unhappy times, and good fun memories. It was fun to watch them relive memories together. One would fill in what the other one had maybe forgotten. I am fortunate to be a part of this family by marriage, I think we are called “hanger on-ers”, and I enjoyed it immensely, so I know it had to mean alot to the kids, and nieces and nephews of these two women.

I can’t imagine what it will be like for my sweet mother-in-law to go on alone without her sister, but I know she will. Because one thing they shared in common as siblings was that they are both strong women of faith, so even though my mother-in-law is alone without a sibling, she is never alone.

Thank you Aunt Betty Faye and Mom for being family matriarchs. For leaving an example of what sisterhood and siblings should look like.

Call or text your sibling today, tell them you love them. Start being that example if you are not already.

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