What If We Could VRBO Our Lives.

What if we could VRBO lives like we do houses? What if there was a web site where you could just go out and trade lives with someone for a few days or a week? Who would you choose? What would you look for?

There are always homes that I look at that I pass right by and wouldn’t want to stay in. There are lives that I wouldn’t want to stay in either, then there are lives that LOOK so much better than mine, that I want to try out. I can get caught up in lives that appear from the outside to be better than mine.

I use to watch the show Wife Swap, I thought what a crazy, stupid idea. I would never do that. But, by the end of the two weeks, everyone involved had a new appreciate for their own lives. A new perspective, a different look. I believe some even walked away with changes that improved their lives.

Some days I am just tired, or maybe just tired of being tired. I don’t want to get up and go through the same day again. I want to get up on my own, not by an alarm going off. I don’t want to go through my morning routine, get ready for work, have to dry my hair again for the millionth time. Travel the same route to work, even if it is only five minutes. Go to work do the same paperwork, the same calls, the same people, every day. Come home to the same chores and same responsbilities.

Wouldn’t it be fun instead to get up and be an actor, or a writer, a famous sports person, or a millionaire, someone who could just decide, today I am flying off to Paris for the weekend? I think what I am looking for, is someone who doesn’t have any daily responsbilities, or someone who can put them aside for a day if they want to.

However, those people probably have more responsibilities than I do. Their life may not be so routine, but they have alot more people counting on them, and alot more to keep on track of.

But, I know if I were to put my life out on VRBO, there would be people who would jump at it. People to whom my life would look like a breeze. People who would love the stability, the family, the routine, and community I have. People who would love to have a job to go to everyday, or a house and husband to come home to.

It is that reality, that there is always someone whose life is worse than yours. I saw a cartoon one time that had a race car, an old beat up car, a person on a bike, and someone who was in a wheel chair all in a row. The person in the beat up car is looking at the race car thinking I wish I had that. He doesn’t relize that the person next to him on the bike is thinking I wish I had a car. The person in the wheel chair is thinking I wish I could ride a bike. There is always someone looking at our life thinking I wish I had that.

When I think about that, there has to be somone whose life is at the bottom of the totem pole. Someone who no one would want to trade with. That person might be Jesus. Isn’t that ironic, that the Son of God, might be the person none of us want to change lives with.

I certainly would not want to be the person who lived a sinless life, who gave his all every day. Then was deserted by all of those around him. Betrayed by those closest to him. Someone who had never sinned, but willingly went to the cross for a world full of sinners. I am pretty sure I would pass right by his life on VRBO, but it should make me thankful for the life I have. It should make me want to remove my life from the VRBO board and live happily in it everyday.

God, today I am thankful for the life I have!

One Comment on “What If We Could VRBO Our Lives.

  1. What a great read. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be jesus. All those who betrayed him. But, he chose to die for us. I’ve never wanted to trade lives with anyone. But, I’ve always wanted to travel back in time. To the birth – and -death of jesus . The days of moses. Many bible times. Great read.


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