Addiction-One of Satan’s Most Deadly Weapons

As our community wakes up this morning, they are waking to the news of the loss of one of their own. Not just anyone, but someone who has been speaking out about addiction for months now.

It breaks my heart and it makes me angry. It breaks my heart that this precious life is gone. It breaks my heart that parents are grieving the loss of a son this morning. It breaks my heart that a brother has lost a friend, and it breaks my heart that it would appear that Satan won this one.

It angers me. It angers me that Satan has such a devastating, and destructive tool of war in his arsenal. It angers me that this happens so often. It angers me that this is something that we don’t talk about enough, that we try and hide it in our families, but something that touches everyone. If I am totally honest, I ask God why do you allow this to happen? Every one of you know someone in your family or close circle of friends who struggle with addiction in their life.

Addiction is not my struggle, and I thank God everyday that it isn’t. I have watched it in lives in CR. It is a tight rope struggle every day. No matter how long someone is clean, a day, a week, a month, years, they walk a tight rope. Everyday could be that day your foot slips. Tight rope walkers often have a balancing pole, and in the lives of an addict, Jesus is that pole. Lay that pole down for a moment and your next step may be a deadly slip.

Today my prayer is that just like Joseph, what Satan meant for evil God means for good. I pray that all across our community today students are going to parents and saying, I need help, I can’t do this alone. That loved ones of people struggling go to people they trust and say, I can’t do this alone any more. My loved one is struggling with addiction and I need support, will you be there for me.

I pray that Celebrate Recovery groups(see my Celebrate Recovery page for info), and NA groups, and I am Second groups in the community are full this week. That people say I need accountability, I need help. That a friend will say, hey let me go to group with you this week and support you.

Most of all my prayers go out to the Morgan family this morning. May God’s peace and mercy pour over you.

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