God Doesn’t Measure Me.

My friend Elaine sent this to me last week or maybe even the week before. I have it on my laptap screen, and have been mulling (is that even a right word), it over for over a week. She sent it to me, because she knows me well enough to know it would hit a nerve, and she’s right it did.

First of all it’s Piper, and his stuff always makes me think. I like Piper, I like what he has to say, I like that I feel I can trust what he says. I don’t ever feel like he is trying to please anyone when he speaks. He just speaks the word. I like to hear him talk, he has a mezmerizing voice, and I was fortunate to get to hear him speak, at a conference in Minneapolis a few years ago.

I have been reading this one little sentence over and over for a few days now. Piper will make you do that. Mainly this hits two things I struggle with. 1. A to do list. I am a constant list maker, who thinks every thing on the list should get done. 2. Grace, even though I say I understand it, even though I know it, some days it slips through my fingers like sand.

These are both things I have struggled with for a long time, and I have come along way on both issues. I can now admit them and can see when they are starting to take over. There was a time when not completing a list would have sent me over the edge, it isn’t quiet that bad now. I can carry a list over to another day or even throw one out that isn’t completely crossed off.

Grace – grace is a favorite subject of mine. It is something I cherish, something I hold close, God’s grace, knowing that he loves me and that can’t be changed. His unmerited favor on my life. But this sentence brings a new element. God doesn’t just love me no matter what, he isn’t measuring me, how freeing is that? I measure myself every day, but God doesn’t. If God doesn’t, then why am I?

After contemplating this for a week I finally summed it up in my own words. This is what it says to me. “Be at peace, knowing that my to do list is not going to measure up to reality, but God isn’t checking that list and loves me anyway.”

Thanks John Piper.

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