Are You On The Right Route?

I work at a trucking company. We have recently hired a few new drivers. Which in today’s world of trucking is a big deal. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers.

Most people think that if you are a truck driver you just get in your truck and drive. There are a lot of restrictions and rules and regulations you have to follow. Add to that there is a lot of paperwork. Electronic logs are helping that some, but there is still paperwork and that paperwork can differ from company to company. So learning a new company’s forms can sometimes be challenging.

We have a driver I will call him Pete. I like Pete because he really wants to do a good job, and wants to get everything right. One of the forms they have to fill out is a weekly mileage sheet. This is an important form because it is what they get paid from, so you want to make sure you are getting it right. They are also suppose to calculate state miles on this form, because we have to keep track of how many miles each truck runs in each state for fuel taxes. If a company gets audited they need this information.

Pete came in and wanted me to sit down and go over this form again, he was having a hard time getting it right, and it can be confusing. So, I told Pete, the main thing is make sure you have the correct starting and ending odometer reading, because that is what you ran and that is what I will pay you from. If you have those correct numbers, and you record where you went from point A to point B for each trip, I can help you fill in the miles for each state.

That works for a mileage sheet but it doesn’t work for our faith. We can’t just know Genesis, creation and Revelation, coming again, and then just let others fill in the rest for us. We need to know the whole story, we need to read it from beginning to end. Paul tells us in Colossians 2:2 “I want them to have complete confidence that they understand God’s mysterious plan, which is Christ himself. In Him lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

We can’t just fill our lives with what we think we know about the Bible. That is when we get confused and get it wrong sometimes. We make decisions on what we think we know about what God’s word says.

If a driver only gives me starting and ending miles, and I just assume and think I know where he went, I will record the wrong state miles and in an audit I would be in big trouble. If I know from point to point where he went I can fill in the correct miles for each state.

I need to know more than just Genesis and Revelation, I need to know and understand the points in between. If I know from point to point what the bible says, then I can fill in my life with right answers and good choices. I want to be like Pete, I want to try and make sure I get it right. How about you?

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