I mentioned that I have an 18 month old granddaughter, Bella. So, you know she is sure to make her share of blog posts. Because of course she is exceptionally cute, and smart, and talented, said every grandma since Eve.

Recently Brittany and Will have been teaching her to say please and thank you. She is really getting them down and not just mimicking the words. If you hand her something she will say, thank you. She is really learning how to use them correctly, and to her advantage.

One of the great perks of working at a family business is that she usually spends one day a week at the office with me. Which is a win for both of us. I get to spend the day with her. And all day she is surrounded by Grammy, her great grand parents, her uncle Chris, her great aunts and uncles, and cousins. Can you say spoil me?

This week first thing when she came in she saw bubbles up on the counter. She loves bubbles. She pointed and said, “bubbles”? I said later we can do them. She said please. She even knew to add a big smile and very sweetly again said please.

Of course I could not resist. We did bubbles.

Later that evening I was thinking about that and I wondered, do I do that with God? When I want something do I open my bible more, do I pray more, do I pay more attention? Am I kinder and more aware of my actions to others? Do I mimic behaviors that I think are pleasing, hoping I will get a result that I want? Do I try to manipulate God with my actions?

I wish I could say absolutely not. But if at a year and a half, Bella is already learning that a please and pretty smile get you bubbles, how much more do I know and put into play at 57? Today God let my actions be honest, let them be sincere. Let them be to glorify you and not benefit me.

Look at that face over bubbles. God may my face reflect the same joy over you.

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