I keep verses written down on cards at my desk. If I am having a hard day I can look at them and be reminded of how great my God is. I can be reminded of times I was going through something and God was faithful and walked through it with me. Each verse is a reminder of something in my life, sometimes good and sometimes hard.

along with those verses are also some quotes from books or articles I have read. Some days, even good days I pick them up and just skim through some of them. Today I picked up the stack and this quote caught my eye.

The secret to abundant life – to believe that God is where you doubt He can be.

Unfortunately I don’t know where or what this quote came from. I tried to google it and find the author to give them credit, but nothing came up.

Where is it that you doubt God could be? Maybe for you it’s the bottom of a bottle, maybe it’s at the the end of a needle, maybe it’s trying to hold everything together for everyone else, or maybe it’s in the depression others don’t even know exist, maybe it’s in that relationship that is in shambles. Trust me, God is in all those places. In fact those are the places God longs the most to find you.

Or maybe your like me. I sometimes doubt that God is in the good places. Not that he wouldn’t be there, or wouldn’t want to be there, but that he doesn’t need to be there. It is easy for me to find him in the hard places, the tough situations, it’s easy to lean on him when things are not going well. When I need him it’s easy to know he’s in those places.

But, this quote says the secret to abundant life is to believe that He is where I doubt him to be. For me the truth is, sometimes that is the good places. When I acknowledge him in the every day, when I accept that he is always there, even when I don’t know or see that I need him, that is when my life is overflowing in abundance. Overflowing with abundant peace, calm, thankfulness, mercy, forgiveness and grace. Abundant life comes from doing the every day with him. Not just climbing those steep, rocky hills but strolling along the quiet pathway. Thankful that God is there when I desperately need him, but also when I don’t even realize I need him. Today where are you doubting He could be?

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