PJ Church

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Back in the fall when we had revival. I remember seeing kids come in to church in their pj’s. Made sense they would be ready to go to bed when they got home. I was kind of jealous. Well today I had the opportunity to go to church in my pj’s. All across the country church chairs and pews are empty this morning like this picture. Pastors and worship leaders are bringing a message in front of empty chairs. Even though the chairs are empty, satan doesn’t win. Thousands will be watching live from their living rooms in thousands of homes.

I gathered my bible and my glass of tea like I do each Sunday morning, but instead of running out the door late, I sat down on my couch with my lap top and my two dogs. My lap top failed me, kept freezing up and the sound would stop. (It’s old I think I need a new one, hint hint Brett). So, I jumped on and watched on my phone. It was amazing. I sang at the top of my lungs, the dogs didn’t care. I did realize however, how much I rely on those words on the screen. Robbey was just as engaging on video. The message was just as good.

We probably all have a sign in our house that says “Gather” because it was the big movement, gather with your tribe, gather with your peeps, gather with your family, gather with the people you love. That is what part of church is, gathering together to worship. But we did that today, we gathered, we worshiped together, we communicated. We came together just like God commands us to do. God doesn’t just meet us in a church building, that isn’t where He resides. He was in living rooms all across the country today, just like he is everyday.

I wouldn’t want this to be church all the time, because I did miss seeing faces. But if this is what church is for the next couple of weeks or months, who knows. We will survive and thrive. God will get the glory and the word will be preached. Our God and his message are bigger and more powerful that any virus. Thanks Redemption for allowing this to happen. Join us next week on the app Redemption Church.

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