It’s a new year and a new decade. I don’t want to think about how many decades I have seen begin. That kind of sounds ungrateful doesn’t it? Thank you God for the number of decades I have had the privilege of getting to see begin.

The fact that this post comes on January 5th and not January 1 describes how I want the New Year to go. More laid back, less stress, less unrealistic expectations (in me and in others). Maybe just less in general. Less things, less clutter, less strive, less pressure, less judgement, less going and doing, less rules to follow, less no’s and more yes’s. Less of me and more of God, less of me and more of others.

Funny cause I sat down to write about what my word of the year was going to be. I had been waiting on God to give me one. When I didn’t have a clear answer or one didn’t fall out of the sky, I picked a few of my own. Compassion, my husband actually laughed at that one. Respect had been floating around in my mind for a few days. I knew it needed to be a word for my marriage this year and decided maybe I could use it in general. I had even copied the definition on a card and put it in my Bible. Trying to make it fit into my life for the year. Already thinking in my mind what I might need to do to make it “work” as my word. How I could put it into practice in my spiritual life, my marriage, my relationships, and my job. Respect was going to be my word.

But as I sat down and started typing about less, I realized God just gave me my word. I would not have picked that on my own, it’s not profound, or holy, it’s not deep, it’s not impressive, it’s just a small four letter word. But I feel and know in my heart that is what God wants me to work on this year, LESS. Mainly less of me. Stay tuned, and follow this year to see how God uses this word to work in my life. HAPPY NEW YEAR, HAPPY NEW DECADE.

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