Any Day is A Good Day for Day 1

I heard this quote at a conference this weekend. Chrystal Evans Hurst, was the one speaking and it has stuck with me. This quote can apply to so many different areas. Any day is a good day to start or stop something, and everything starts with a day one. You can’t get to day 30 without day one. You can’t get to a year without day one.

For me this blog is a day one. I have not blogged in 18 months, so I decided it was a good time to start completely over. A new day, a new site, a new attitude. Put down Facebook and start doing the thing God put a passion in my heart to do. Write words. They may never be read by anyone but me, and FINALLY that is OK.

So, this blog is just about life. My life. I am over 50. I have been married to the same man for 39 years. A man who at 60 took on a new position as a full time assimilation Pastor, so that is a recent day one thing for me. We have two married children, and one 18 month old granddaughter, named Bella, who is the answer to many prayers, with a story all her own. We also have a grandson on the way in less than 5 weeks, Milo another answer to years of prayers with his own story. I work at a family owned business with most of my family in a very confined area. This blog is stories of a very ordinary life lived with an amazing God.

Stories of how every day, God gives us chances to show grace to those around us. About finding joy and gratefulness in the small every day things. Which sounds all lovely and easy and grand in writing, but it doesn’t happen like that every day, in fact probably not most days. Some days I get it right but most days I do not. It is in those days that God reminds me he gives me grace each day. So, I hope you follow my page as I share about how God can work, if we get out of the way and let Him.

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